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  "12 x 12 FeatherEx Box"- 12" long x 12" wide x 11" high (including the handle)

We are sure that, as a bird lover, you would definitely want your birds to feel at home, even inside the shipping box. In designing our boxes, we took the birds comfort into consideration. FeatherEx Boxes can meet the shipping needs of duck, pheasant and pigeon breeders, as well as those who want to ship doves, small chickens, canaries, finches, and other small birds.

Size of "12 x 12 FeatherEx Box" is 12" long x 12" wide x 11" high (including the handle)
Box weighs approx. 1 lb, 8 oz.
"12 x 12 FeatherEx Box" fully complies to the new USPS's Dimensional Threshold Standards
"12 x 12 FeatherEx Box" allows you to ship your birds through the US Postal Service at a reduced shipping cost

Box comes glued and ‘Ready To Go’

Good for one to many birds depending on the size of your bird.

For Eg :


2-3 small ducks ( Teals and other small ducks)


1-2 small pheasants


2-3 Pigeons
4-6 quails
1 Old English Bantam
12 or more Canaries & Finches)

Why FeatherEX?

Our light weight and durable shipping boxes for live birds are approved by USPS, and 100% made in the USA. Our shipping boxes clearly indicate how to keep the box in an upright position.

The folding instructions printed right on each FeatherEx box will help you to assemble the box within no time. It takes less than 30 sec to assemble the box. It is so simple and easy that we are sure you won’t go wrong in assembling the box and get it ready for shipping.

FeatherEx boxes are well ventilated with lots of air vents on most sides as well as the top portion to control temperature and replenish oxygen.. These air-vents are glued with biofilter fabric to maintain proper moisture inside the shipping box. Thus, your bird is safe and comfortable inside the travel box and we are sure your bird will definitely enjoy the travel. We made it a point not to compromise in the case of ventilation as we had learned from our experience in shipping birds that ‘Heat inside the shipping box is approx 20 degrees higher than the outside temperature’.

The Green and white printing on the FeatherEx box includes clear warning messages that the box contains live birds, as well as instructions not to block the vents and other important messages. The boxes include an inspection viewing window for official use to see the condition of the birds.

The outside of FeatherEx boxes are printed with a clearly defined space to stick the shipping label. We made it a point to add in a gentle reminder for you to include both delivery and return address along with phone numbers. If the recipient is not at home when USPS attempts delivery, then they can contact the recipient over phone immediately so that the bird does not sit in the Post Office overnight.

The top of the FeatherEx box features a durable double flap that easily closes securely to keep your precious birds safe. FeatherEx boxes feature an easy-to-carry handle which makes transportation easier and simpler.